demo 2013

by My Brother: The Ocean

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released 03 December 2013

Vocals and Lyrics by: Mattie Washburn
Guitars by: Steev Washburn
Bass by: Andrew Arvin
Drums by: Ian Keith



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Track Name: It's All Coming Together Again (Demo)
If actions speak louder than words
Your movements mean more than the thousand words
of any picture
I've ever beheld
My pen will never destroy their swords
But this will still be the path I choose
Cause in the end my strength is something that I don't have to prove.
Track Name: You're Like a Thief That Stole the Entire House (Demo)
I'm not sure if it's a lack of energy
Or just a lack of words
But I feel like I've been lacking everything
I've become one of the herd
The only thing I find purpose in is music
Even that's starting to fade
And I'm just slipping away
To my fears
To despair
To never going somewhere
I'm filled with apathy
And self resentment
But you say I'll be fine
One day that I'll be alright
I just don't see a point
There's no comfort for me
There's no solace for me
Don't feed me sympathy
I won't indulge
I won't partake in the emotions that you're pouring out
Don't feed me your sympathy

I just want to feel alive once more
Like I did in oh nine
Just like I felt before
You walked into my life
You stepped out the backdoor
You're like a thief
Who comes in the night
You stole the entire house
I wouldn't put up a fight
Yes, the house was my heart
And I gave you the keys
But what good did it ever do for me